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Trailblazer NSW

  • Self guided RiderRoutes for your GPS or Navigation app.

  • Big Bike touring routes and adventurous sidewinder trails.

  • Support for communities affected by fire and drought.

  • WIN prizes while doing what you love most - RIDING!



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The trailblazer was set to be our 2020 charity ride supporting the areas affected by the horrific bushfires. Then Covid hit and all the planning went out the window.


With the uncertainty of getting back to capacity sized events straight away, we're doing this one differently.

Due to Covid, we restructured this event using our existing BLITZ, RiderRoutes and Motocache platform, and it will now run for12 months.

At some stage we'll also schedule an included group ride, details will be posted in the forum. 


The 2020 trailblazer will have several loops, with the first one available on June 1st, covering around 2,000kms from the Southcoast to the Alpine region.


The loops will provide great riding, assist towns and small businesses along the way and you can ride any, all or parts of them during the 12 month challenge period.


Ride them solo while out exercising, ride with a mate, when the restrictions start to lift, ride it with a group.


The registration fee is just $150 with 50% going directly back to riders in cash and prizes for a top 10 draw, the more entries, the larger the prize pool!

You'll also receive a trailblazer windscreen and helmet sticker.

How do the local businesses and fire affected communites benefit?

By spending in the towns DIRECTLY where it's needed most, over the counters to the small businesses and family owned stores.  

How do I get tickets into the prize draws?

First you must register for the trailblazer event, registering gives you one ticket in the draw, extra tickets can be added from each of the 4 categories below.     

A. Receipts and tickets.

Just upload copies or photo's of your receipts via our online challenge page from ANY shop, cafe, servo, fast food outlet, accommodation etc, anytime you ride the routes. 

  • $5.00 to $20.00 = 1 ticket

  • $20.00 to $50.00 = 3 tickets

  • $50.00 to $100.00 = 5 tickets

  • $100 and over = 10 tickets 

B. Bonus tickets.

Purchases of the brands listed below from any Australian supplier: $50.00 or more = 2 tickets

  • Goldentyre

  • Barkbusters Handguards

  • Enduristan

  • B&B Offroad

  • Nomad Tanks

  • Rocky Creek Designs

  • Barrett Products

  • Hema Maps

  • Others may be added at any time.  

C. Check points and Motocaches.

  • Checkpoints: Each RiderRoute will have locations listed where envelopes can be collected, these envelopes may contain random tickets, questions or tasks, special offers, other waypoints to visit or possibly just an empty promise.

  • Waypoints or Motocaches (other points of interest): will be marked, simply upload a photo (must include your bike in shot) or maybe a selfie at the location, each one visited and uploaded will earn an additional ticket in the draw. 


D. Donations.  

If you make a donation to a Rural Fire Service, either directly in person to a Brigade or via the RFS online system, or a donation to R U OK through their website here, bonus tickets will be applied at the same rate as A above. 

General rules and information.

  1. Register anytime from the 15th May 2020 to 15th May 2021, only receipts dated after your registration date will be accepted. 

  2. For Bonus tickets (B&D) to apply, a receipt from group A must have been uploaded first.

  3. All receipts from group A must be uploaded within 7 days from purchase, they must be legible and include the name of the business, a tax invoice or register docket is best

  4. All receipts from group B, must be uploaded within 14 days from purchase, they must be legible and include the name of the business, a tax invoice or register docket is bestmust show your name, (invoiced to cash sale is not accepted)  

  5. One receipt per upload, we also suggest that you don't delete your photo's or maybe even keep your receipts, in the unlikely event your uploads don't work you can try again. 

  6. Photo's, Receipts and user uploads are instant, although will sync and display after they have been verified, allow up to 14 days. 

  7. Be social and share, tag Ride360 and the locations you visit on facebook and Instagram. Use the check in function and leave reviews.

  8. Only routes that have been ridden and checked are supplied, they are correct at time of final preride, updates will be made where needed. It's your responsibility to check or follow signs and road rules that may change. All routes will be checked throughout the year.

  9. RiderRoutes used for the trailblazer will consist of a General Touring Route and optional Sidewinder trails. On occassions. we'll add to each route and send updates, this will be particularly useful for riders wanting to revisit a route at a later time. We strongly encourage exploring unlisted tracks and trails, returning to the GTR as you like. If you've got a trail you think would make a worthy addition, let us know.

  10. Ride safe and enjoy yourself!


REGISTRATION FEE: $150.00, 50% goes to winners prize pool, split equally across 10 draws.



EVENT DURATION: 1st June 2020 to 20th May 2021

**Bonus** Due to extended closures and Covid restrictions making it difficult to provide all intended routes, the 2020/2021 event will end as per schedule, and all existing or new subscriptions purchased prior to 20th May will be added to the 2022 Trailblazer.

All Trailblazer subscriptions will also include the NAVIG8 standard membership plan.

PRIZE DRAWS AND WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Ticket numbers will be allocated to entrants and provided monthly, Final draw will take place at 12pm (live), 29th May 2021 and winners also notified by phone and email.

Additional information will be provided on our blogs and social pages, monthly updates will be sent to entrants by email and may include ways to claim bonus tickets, additional prize information and route updates.