Rural toolboxtalks and Suicide Prevention.

October 4, 2018


I need your help.


If you've read it all before, you can jump straight in at the sponsorship page here or donate at mycause


Otherwise, read on and I hope you'll be inspired enough by my short essay and lend a helping hand.


Drought, declining populations and a strained economy in rural and regional areas needs attention, it needs sustainable solutions.


When I started the Rural visits under the toolbox banner, I was part of a network committee, dedicated to solutions, time and time again though I seen good people with good intentions trying to help, but they became continually frustrated with the lack of understanding of just whats needed by the people and organisations holding the funding.  


I went out and visited stations, health groups, hospitals, businesses and as many people as I could talk to, and what came from it was an undeniable realisation, they just want to be heard, and people to listen to what they really need.


Sitting down for a chat, a cuppa and a good old face to face conversation, listening to the hardships and working together on solutions, that might be spending a day helping out on a farm, servicing machinery or connecting them with organisations that can actually help pay a few bills.  


That's what I do out there, and it's all for one reason, Preventing Suicide.


I've been there myself, and it changed me in many ways, I've stood out there in sheds with blokes at the brink, I've written about laying shotguns to the ground and taking ropes out of hands, it's something that unfortunately is still happening, but it doesn't need to. 


This day and age, there's an app for everything, and when there's no app, guess what? there's an app to build one.


Time and time again though, head into isolated rural and regional areas, and it's pretty useless expecting someone that's hardly got phone signal, let-a-lone internet with service or a decent data pack to access resources and self help.


In the city, it's instant, everything including fresh coffee delivered to home or work, takeaway food and even someone to collect your groceries or run errands for you, all at the touch of a smart phone. It doesn't work like that out in rural areas.


I could write hundreds of pages, hundreds of stories, but the reason for this post is to ask you to help me.


Help me to continue visiting and helping people in rural areas, be that a chat, connecting them with resources, services and even assisting them to access funding that can pay a bill for them. There's so many things we help with, although most of it isn't seen or able to be shared on social media or even on the website, the last thing people want when they're in strife, is to feel a burden or socially embarrassed.


I know if you've been a part of the tracks4life journey since 2014, you know we just get it done.


Fortunately over the years, I've had great support from sponsors to help keep some vehicle costs down and lot's of prizes have gone out to riders and drivers on our adventures, but increased financial support is now the priority.


4yrs, some 30 events, in excess of 100,000kms traveled, doing something so different was never going to be easy, but it works, it saves lives.


Setting aside Nov, Dec, Jan and as always, depending on what comes in, will determine the trips duration and success.


Funds will be used to visit these locations, provide assistance and also for distributing provisions.


Here's how you can help NOW!

The best way is using the sponsor option, it's through our website and has the lowest transaction fees, that means more in the bank at this end and a faster transaction.



Click the images for support options.

1. Sponsor the next rural visits directly here, from as little as $5 

You'll also get a link to a certificate of appreciation to download.




























2. Donate through mycause 










3. Contact me for bank details if you'd prefer to make a direct deposit 




Thanks again, please share with everyone you know.

see you out there again real soon.



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