Africa Twin Air Filters

August 19, 2018


Cleaning air filters on some Adventure Bikes can be a pain, the Africa Twin is no exception,  it's not necessarily hard,  but does require the removal of the shrouds. 


Add radiator guards, driving lights, crash bars or other accessories that can interfere,  it can make it a job you don't want to be doing every other day, especially on an extended trip. 


Riding solo or in cleaner areas,  the OE filters work great and many riders have reported massive kms before changing, on my first AT riding in groups or dusty areas, at around 5k they were toast, at a retail of $100+ a pair it can add up. 



Using Pre-cleaners. 


When it came to setting up another bike for around Australia, I fitted Unifilter Australia Pre-cleaners and after 17k, the OE air filters are pretty much spotless.


The kit comes with pre-oiled inserts, some zip ties and instructions for cutting the OE snorkels to accommodate the new foam inserts. 


There's also complete replacement filter kits available too. 


The pics below (at 17k) speak for themselves as to how well the pre-filters work. 








Looking for filters for yours? 


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