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June 29, 2018


"The moment I acted on an impulse, was the moment I realised I didn't want to die"

I've spoken to many people that have been in that exact place, those that have survived suicide, and all echo the same feeling.... and a realisation that past experiences, whatever they might be, were not worth dying for.

Thoughts of suicide come from an unhealthy mind, often consumed by pain, guilt, anger, confusion, fear and regrets. Mixed with feelings that people around us would be better off if we leave forever.

These feelings continue to consume and overtake our minds rapidly, depression fools us into believing it all until we no longer believe in ourselves.

If you are or have thought about suicide, talk to someone about it. 

Don't blow it off as a fleeting thought, it could be quite serious. 

If a mate, a loved one or acquaintance says things like, "I'd be better off dead" .....ask them directly if they think like that often, or ask them if they've spoken to a professional like a GP.

This shit is real, it kills. Talking openly and honestly can and does save lives.

We offer a helping hand if someone sprains an ankle and struggles to walk, even though they might try to cover it up and do everything themselves, we still offer help.

Do the same when it appears they may have a sprained mind.

There's nothing wrong with getting sick, it happens, no one ever ridiculed me over my eye cancer, although they turned their backs quickly when I admitted I had bipolar and became one of 'those' suicidal people.


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