Don't buy into the BS.

June 29, 2018


Eight Australian's die by suicide every day.

Six are men.

Next time you're at work, out to dinner, on a camping trip or a ride somewhere, look around and if you notice a mate might be off colour, a bit out of sorts and just not his usual self... maybe ask how they're going.

When we're sick, we like to keep it quiet mostly because we might be considered weak, the other side also is if we think someone's doing it tough, we don't ask because 'blokes don't talk about that shit'

There's an awkward silence and lack of connection because of stereotyping what being a man is supposed to be, what we should and shouldn't talk about.

What a croc, conversations save lives, so from whatever side of this illness you're on, as someone with depression or as a family member, mate or carer....someone needs to start the conversation and break the silence.

Don't buy into the BS that it means you're soft or weak.

Put prevention first.

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