2017 Africa Twin (DCT)

June 28, 2018


Second time lucky? I hope so. 


All going well, by the end of the year I expect around 40,000kms in the seat, so I thought I'd share some of what's been added to the bike to make it just right (for me) and the intended trips I'll be making on it.

It took around 4 - 5 days to get it ready, including making a few pieces along the way and swapping parts from the first Evil twin that's still parked up awaiting diagnosis and warranty repairs.

The list so far.  

  • 01. OEM V2 Heated Grips

  • 02. 12V outlet

  • 03. Bar mounted USB port.

  • 04. 5V charger - (rear)

  • 05. SAE charger, outlet (rear)

  • 06. Garmin Montana 680 with Oz topo maps.

  • 07. Ram handlebar post mount.

  • 08. Mobile running Hema Explorer/Rever.

  • 09. Perfect Squeeze mount.

  • 10. LED driving lights.

  • 11.. Eastern Beaver PC8.

  • 12. Custom sub harness. 

  • 13. Barkbuster handguards.

  • 14. Titax brake lever.

  • 15. ‎KAO cruise lock.

  • 16. ‎SW Motech bar risers.

  • 17. ‎Rugged Roads guard riser.

  • 18. Rugged Roads brake res cover.

  • 19. Rugged Roads rectifier guard.

  • 20. Rugged Roads stand widener.

  • 21. ‎B&B Offroad Radiator guards.

  • 22. ‎B&B Offroad Safari bash plate.

  • 23. ‎B&B luggage rack.

  • 24. ‎Touratech headlight guard.

  • 25. ‎Touratech DCT cover.

  • 26. ‎Touratech tank bag.

  • 27. ‎Pivot Pegz.

  • 28. ‎Stegz (alternative)

  • 29. ‎Barrett Products Pannier racks.

  • 30. ‎Mosko Moto Backcountry 35l panniers and 30l duffel.

  • 31. ‎SWP tool tube/alloy brackets.

  • 32. ‎Unifilter snorkel filters.

  • 33. ‎GT723 Golden Tyres F&R.

  • 34. ‎Michelin UHD tubes.

  • 35. ‎Teknik suspension, Andreani front cartridges, rear spring and revalve.

  • 36. ‎Arrow muffler. 


OEM Heated Grips


12V outlet.


USB outlet.


Accessory charger.


SAE connector. 


Mobile with HEMA maps. 

Garmin Montana 680T with OzTopo maps. 


RAM bar mount. 


Hi-intensity LED spot lights. 



PC8 fuse panel, TERRA wiring kit. 


Barkbuster Handguards. 


Titax shorty lever,  KAOKO throttle lock. 


SW Motech bar risers. 


Rugged Roads guard riser. 


Rugged Roads reservoir guard. 


Rugged Roads regulator guard. 


Rugged Roads stand foot. 


B&B Offroad radiator guards. 


B&B Offroad Safari bash plate. 


Touratech headlight protector.


Touratech DCT cover protector. 


Touratech tank bag. 


Pivot Pegz. 


Leg supports (in place of Stegz) 


Barrett Products pannier racks. 



MOSKO Moto Backcountry panniers (35l) and duffle (30l).



100mm SWP tooltube, alloy brackets. 


Goldentyre GT723 tyres, Michelin UHD tubes. 


Andreani fork cartridges. 


Teknik rear spring and valving.



Arrow slip on silencer. 


Future changes and updates/reviews on a couple of new items being tested will be added to future blog posts. 




Ride Safe | Ride Far. 

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