It's more than just a ride

September 8, 2017


This 950SE is a machine, this one's basically an EXC :)

And man, can he ride it.
Harv's finished leading the fat bike challenge last year, jumped on a plane the next day and picked the bike up from WA, sight unseen and rode solo across Oz back home to CQ. 

So cool riding with blokes of his skill level, learn so much, yet is a complete gentlemen on the trail and never expects you to keep up, he'll happily plod along and just enjoy the cruise too.

And he was the bloke that scraped me off the ground when I needed an ambulance ride.

Nothing beats a day on the trail with mates.

Adventure riding is so much more than the ride, the challenges or the type of bike you ride, it's all about the people, the mates we make along the way.


See you out there

Happy Trails


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