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August 8, 2017


For many men, for many reasons, there is no tomorrow. Six a day in Australia will die by suicide.


We don't know the cause of many problems, scientists are continually researching and who knows where it will lead and what discoveries will be made, but we don't have to wait.


What we do know is a conversation can save a life.


Navigating and Exploring all options until you Discover what makes you happy, what makes you look forward to tomorrow.


tracks4life has held awareness events, delivered toolboxtalks and gone places others haven't or can't, we're very proud of our achievements so far and the inspiration continues because you believe in us like we believe in you.


Our biggest impacts are noticed when we're out and about, having those talks, starting the conversations, high fives and man hugs over a beer, a pizza or sharing a yarn out on the trail or by a campfire.


It costs money, a lot in fact to run and operate any organisation and yes, we need help. But as you'd know, our founder and king of chat, Darren, has never quipped at just getting on with it.


In the coming weeks, he's off. Once more with only a rough plan, just going, hitting the road and tracks sharing lived experience, connecting with people in the communities, in rural and regional areas and working towards the next awareness ride location.


This time it's different, very different....there is no set end date, no scheduled bookings, just a man on a bike with his camping gear.



You can make a donation.

Hold your own fundraiser.

You can check our toolboxtalks page, we'll come to you and engage with groups, safety teams, wherever you think it'll help and we're waiving any normal costs, we can't put a price on this stuff. You can simply make a donation of what you believe is reasonable.

*Of course if it's a fair distance you can help with some fuel and accom if available, we can talk about that more, but if we can get there, rest assured, we'll just make it happen.


If you're holding a ride somewhere, an event or gathering with an interest in men's mental health, yell out and we'll be happy to come along and support you.


Follow Darren and his latest  Adventure beyond mental illness and share a ride somewhere.


He'll be using the blog often on the website and other social media like instagram and facebook too.


It's time to talk about Men's mental health and suicide prevention, because 6 a day is too many.


Look for the # tags #tracks4life #six2many and help by sharing our posts, follow our social pages and let's get together for a chat.


See you out there, Happy Trails and stay well.




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