B&B Offroad Products for our Honda Africa Twin and the new Safari DCT Bashplate

February 15, 2017



When I got the Honda Africa Twin, I wanted a tough bash plate and there's plenty of manufacturers to choose from. Being a new bike though it seems designs are changing a fair bit and there's a real mix of styles being offered from everything designed with 'look' and others with function.


Then there's the crash bars, some bars fit with certain plates, others don't, so choosing a package that covered it all was a bit of an excercise.


For me it was easy, I just wanted a Bash Plate and when the Bike was organised it was ordered with a B&B Offroad Safari plate.


I'd used B&B plates before on my 450's and they took a bit of a hammering so I knew they'd be up to anything I'd ride on the big bike. I'm a slow rider, we usually ride pretty rocky areas and I've got a habit of dropping my bikes 'a lot' 


The fit up was easy, all the hardware and simple instructions come in the kit, takes about 20 minutes and 1 beer. Job done, yeah I'm a slow drinker too !

I called the guys at B&B to order a set of Radiator Guards and a rear luggage rack, to my surprise they called me back and said they'd love to provide me with a set as part of a sponsorship deal, they liked what tracks4life was doing and wanted to help, I was blown away....I now had the products I'd chosen and a new sponsor.


The new parts arrived quickly and just like the Bash Plate, installation was a breeze with everything supplied and clear instructions.


I wasn't too interested in fitting lot's of bar work to the bike and thought if the original plate could be extended just a little to give more coverage for the DCT it'd be just right, so when I was in Vic I headed over to B&B for a visit, they took one look and being it was the 1st DCT model they'd had there, within minutes they jumped at making a new plate.



They chucked me the keys to the company car and I went off to find somewhere in town to stay for the night.


 By the next morning, a new, nicely polished DCT Plate had replaced my already well used plate. 


 Plate that comes standard vs the B&B Safari Plate


 DCT Plate


Looks tops and offers great protection, yep - was tested a couple of times in the Vic High Country too. 

They also made a bolt on extension for anyone wanting to add it to their existing Safari Plate.


B&B Offroad Products - Fitted to the tracks4life Honda Africa Twin


Safari - (DCT) Bashplate

Rear Luggage Plate, Mini

Radiator Guards




I also found this on Aussie Africa Twin owners on Facebook, showing the B&B Bash Plate and the cut out mods the owner did to install a set of GIVI Lower bars.


If you're looking for tough, great looking products for your bike 

check out B&B Offroad at: www.bboffroad.com.au




Happy Trails





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