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April 7, 2016


Riding through the bush, navigating through new and exciting places. Rather than crash and bash through gates and fences, I spent the time learning the terrain and the steps to unlock new areas.


This is what I applied to my Mental Health recovery.


Creating the map of where I wanted to go required a Route, improved navigating skills, exploring, learning and unlocking new places, I'd creat a track on my GPS and just ride certain tracks over and over until they became easy, then move on to harder ones.


Just like rides, I graded the difficulty of each obstacle I faced in my mind, if was a grade 1, it was easy, a grade 3 or 4 was the intermediate stuff, pretty challenging at times


and maybe not always perfect alone but the Adventurous spirit mean't solo rides were common, then there's the grade 5, the shitty stuff that we just want to conquer but we're not always equipped, so it's best done with a mate, a support worker or as a team. 


Sometimes we can tackle shit on our own and other times, well it's just better to have backup. 




Join us on a ride or drive beyond mental illness, the best discovery you'll make, is yourself !



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