Ride to Stop Suicide | 8th Sep 2019

Time and location.

8th Sep 2019

Various locations

About The Event

Each year The RideToStopSuicide is held on the weekend before World Suicide Prevention day.

In 2019 that's the 10th Sep, so on Sunday the 8th, we ride.

We're putting the challenge out to other riders to get involved, join a ride, create your own or sponsor a mate.

We've set a very realistic goal this year of only 60K, we'd like to smash it once again, but it's not just about fundraising, it's much much more.

The RideToStopSuicide is for motorcyclists, taking to the roads and the ones less traveled, to start and encourage conversations to let everyone know that it's ok to talk, and it's ok to ask for help.

Raising money is of course very important, when you register, select one of the listed charities you'd like to support, and we'll add it to your personal sponsorship page along with a message from you. 

The RideToStopSuicide is an annual charitable event, registration is free. We encourage you to donate to yourself once your registration is complete and sponsorship page has been set up.

Costs for meals, accommodation or extras are taken care of by each rider or group. The only additional costs you may see on a registration will be for optional items such as raffle tickets or merchandise.

Here's just one example of how easy it could be, plan or join a ride of say 300kms, get your friends and family to sponsor you per kilometre.

As an example, if 100 riders did only 300kms each at $2 per kilometre that'd be $60,000 raised!

You could easily get 20 people to sponsor you for just 10 cents per kilometre to make that happen.

Of course there's plenty of other ways, it's up to you.

This is a social awareness campaign, get out on your bike, do something good for yourself and others, show everyone that they have support and that it's ok to talk.

During the day, post pics and share on your social media and ours, tagging #RideToStopSuicide and #itsoktotalk

Learn more about the cause (click image to open)


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