• Ian

Out of the Frying Pan into the soggy swag!

Travelled up to Frying Pan creek with the BMW NSW Touring club on Friday. Very excited as it was my first motorcycle camping trip. Picked up the new Barrett panniers on Thursday and got them up packed as well as my other camp gear swag, poles, pegs, tarp, etc.

Very hot and humid when we got to Dungog to get late minute stuff, milk, water so on. Anyway, by mid afternoon the clouds were starting to look a little angry. Not an issue as I had the correct gear on board. By the time we got to the camp site the humidity was off the scale, even a 5 foot diamond python had a swim. Luckily for the boys 10 metres further down the creek the python called it a day after a quick splash, otherwise could of had a few rogue poly waffles floating in the creek.

I started to set up camp with thunder as the background music. Swag yep, food yep, cooking gear yep, tarp?, poles?, pegs? FECK, still on the garage floor, the wife wanted one last branch cut before I left home, so forgot all the gear to give me shelter. My first thought was a positive one, “will just be a quick storm”. At around 9.30pm the first thunder storm arrived, this was closely followed by what I imagined was like the overflow channel of the FNQ Burkedin Dam, last week running in my swag.

Like household bills the storms were relentless and just kept rolling throughout the night. I was soaked as was the sleeping bag and pillow. At first light the toys were out of the pram and I was packed up to ride home. A successful first camp. Ian