NAVIG8 Xplore files, downloading and user tips.

Each Motocache listed on the Map finder or in Xplore can be downloaded as an individual gpx file, you can use these to import into your desktop planner program like Garmin basecamp, google and more.

You can download directly into your mobile device and open in your favorite app like Hema, REVER, My Trails, etc.

When you log in and view each Motocache, you'll see 'Download' in the description. (highlighted in blue)

How you or your phone handles this function may be different from someone else, you may see an immediate 'open with' prompt or it may store the file in your device download folder where you'll need to open your app. You can select 'import from' and navigate to the downloaded file within the folders. see how-to below

Take a few moments, maybe have a look at your device app settings and you'll work it out in no time.

When you open the file, the information you'll need will be in the notes section, simply tap the new waypoint and view the information, again though, each GPS, desktop program and mobile device app will handle this differently.

Some will view 'on screen' immediately, others will require you to 'tap' the icon and bring the details up.

Each Motocache comes as a waypoint, they are named in such a way that they'll always be grouped in your device, particularly handy on many apps where you don't have the ability to switch individual waypoints on/off, and if you've got hundreds or even thousands on the screen it can be a real mission to tap and find.

Use your device search function and look for MC, you'll find them listed together.

As an example we use MC (motocache) - the State - then the name, so a motocache file name may look like 'MC-NSW-Lookout' , this keeps them all grouped and easily found.

Here's some desktop screenshots to help.

Tap the marker on the map,then See details about this Motocache

Info page opens with info and links you'll need.

Click on the Download Now button, the file will be delivered instantly to your desktop or device

You can now open in Basecamp or other desktop software.

Information and a link to view more info or claim your find.

Add it to your GPS.

Select your Motocache in Waypoint manager

View the Motocache details and any questions, hit GO

Follow a route or Change Route Activity to just a bearing line, it's Your Ride, Your Way!

From your mobile device.

Select Download, then choose your app to view

The same sorting applies, by type, state, name. When waypoint is opened the details are visible (HEMA View)

Other app views, GPX Viewer and MyTrails

After you've successfully downloaded the file to your mobile device, if you're having trouble opening it directly into your app, try this.

Open your app, navigate to Import File (different words on different apps)

Locate your device Download Folder and open it to view files.

Locate and select the file, importing will start automatically.

Once you see it has been imported, return to your home screen and RIDE

Hope this helps make your Motocache experience easier, if you'd like to know more or need any help along the way, don't hesitate to hit the contact button.

See you out there on a ride soon!

Although much the same, Rider Routes, track files and POI's are handled differently, we'll do a brief article on that soon too.

BUT nothing beats putting some miles on the bike and using your gear, so get out there, hit the GO button and RIDE.

Topic tip.

If you're just starting out, consider a waypoint as being a marker that's 'penciled' onto the map that you can rub out, re-write etc on the go, where as a point of interest (or POI) has been 'inked' into the map for you, and usually takes an editing program to alter.

  • Waypoints are editable on your devices, so you can change/add details to suit yourself, but be careful because they can be easily overwritten too. Another way is to load them as Points of interest, which does require a program to import the files to your device.

  • Points of Interest are generally supplied as non-editable (in device)

There's a few different types and variations of each, with devices handling them differently too, add in manufacturers proprietary programs and it becomes a real mine field deciding not only which device to purchase, but how to drive it.

As our database continues to grow, we'll offer all motocaches and routes occasionally on an SD Card so you can load your device the old fashioned way if you'd prefer.

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