Luggage option added, RideLoaded or RideLite?

Although many of our rides, like the BLITZ Series are weekenders and most riders stay in pre-arranged accomodation at hotels or motels, some riders may prefer to camp nearby or some have continued their journey after an event.

Others just want to ride totally free of any excess luggage for the 2 days, yet still have the convenience of bringing a few extra items away.

Requests for additional luggage transport have been heard, so we'll be offering that as an option on selected rides in 2020.

For BLITZ Rides, select the luggage option ticket and you can just leave your gear at the start, (which may include hard or soft panniers, duffle or top box) and it will be transported on-route in our enclosed trailer and you'll be able to collect it at the overnight stop on Day 1 and finish on Day 2.

It'll also be accessible at dedicated lunch stops.

Our registration prices will remain the same, with the luggage transport being an optional add-on, cost for a 2 day BLITZ Ride will be $25.

Just be sure to keep any essentials with you, maybe in a tail bag or in your backpack.

We'll also add some spare tyres, more tubes and other bits & pieces to the recovery/breakdown kit.

RideLoaded or RideLite

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