Jan 2020 | Subscriber giveaway.

Kicking off the 2020 monthly subscriber giveaways is this 4X Tankbag from Enduristan.

All current NAVIG8 plan holders go into the draw, winner will be randomly selected on the last day of each month, and announced here, by email or phone and on social media.

The Prize.

Enduristan Sandstorm 4X Tankbag (RRP $179)

We've fitted this bag to our Africa Twin and it's a great size that doesn't get in the way when standing. After fitting the straps and included frame mounted buckles, changing between Enduristan Tank bags is simple and fast.

In the first video, you can see our initial setup of Enduristan Luggage on our Africa Twin

This one shows how simple and easy it is to swap between Enduristan Tankbags, shown is the 4X that we use for short rides and the 4H for more storage on multi day rides.

Waterproof soft Tankbag.

Waterproof without the need for covers


If you go on extreme trips, this is the tankbag for you. While the Sandstorm 4X protects your most essential items from water and dust, it keeps a low profile and doesn’t get in your way under even the most extreme offroad riding.


  • Soft, unreinforced design, no "nutter-effect"

  • Low profile to keep out of the way.

  • Waterproof map pocket (20 x 15 cm)

  • Red inner lining for high visibility

  • Waterproof cable ducts to main compartment and map pocket

  • 1 zipper pocket under cover

  • 1 mesh pocket under cover

  • 8 elastic holding loops for storing smaller items

  • Deluxe shoulder strap separately available

  • Firm seat under even the most extreme off road riding

  • Heavy duty zipper

  • Easy fastening, quick removal

  • Quick access for refuelling

  • No flapping straps

  • Washable and easy to clean

  • Built to last


Deluxe Shoulder Strap with premium ergonomics Additional set of rear fastening buckles: If you own more than one bike, attach a set of connecting buckles on each of them for simplicity and comfort. Additional front fastening strap for your second bike: Install it once, never bother about adjustments again.


Volume: 3.5L Length: 20cm Width: 15cm Height: 10.5cm


Sandstorm 4X fits almost any dirt, dual purpose or adventure bike, no matter if the tank is curved or flat.

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