GT723 and GT823 Tyre update

Latest update for our customers chasing GT723 and GT823 Adv tyres.

The good news: we have stock of both rears and 723 Rally fronts on the way again this week.

The not so good: Overseas delays are still affecting 823 fronts


90/90-21: GT823KH - Dualsport/Rally/Large Adv (delays are still affecting arrival of these into Australia, a hopeful ETA is Nov/Dec)

90/100-21: GT723R - Dualsport/Rally/Mid Adv (limited stock available )


140/80-18: GT723RH - Dualsport/Rally/Mid Adv (only a couple left)

150/70-18: GT823KH - Dualsport/Rally/Large Adv (In stock and shipping)

Available from


  • DOT and F.I.M. approved.

  • Designed for Adventure, Cross Country / Desert, Enduro Rally / Enduro.

  • All-terrain compound.

  • Polygonal knobs placed as an arrow on the sidewall give excellent acceleration and cornering traction

We've ran more GT723 and 823 Adventure tyres in Australia than anyone, if you need any help deciding what's right for you, give Darren a call on 0403 234 421 or email

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