GT723 Adventure and Rally tyres

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We all want a tyre that sticks like shit to a blanket and lasts longer than a slab of steel, of course it's just pure unobtanium!

I've used 4 or 5 brands on the Africa Twin and there's two that I've stuck with, one being the Goldentyre GT723.

I'm a big fan of the GT723, I've been using them for a fair while now, around 7 sets on this Africa Twin so far, and 2 or 3 sets on the first Africa Twin, as well as the GT333 on the 450.

The Good.

  • The GT723 Adventure tyre hasn't chunked, ripped, torn or split.

  • Balancing has never been a problem.

  • It's a tough tyre that is really predictable on all surfaces including highway runs and twisty roads.

  • The front doesn't wander or track on the road.

  • They're reasonably quiet and don't bounce on-road like some other knobby tyres I've used.

  • As for wear, I managed to push 11,000kms out of a set, admittedly there wasn't much left and it was a bit sketchy on the last stretch home. I've had as low as 2,500kms over a 5 day hard ride, for average 50/50 riding, I know I can pretty much count on getting between 5 and 7,000kms.

I've used both the 90/90-21 and 90/100-21 (aka: The Fatty) on the front, I found the Fatty understeers a little on twisty tar roads and wasn't as sure-footed on loose gravel, but after the 30,000km trip around Australia, it was better than the 90/90 on the outback roads.

There's also another GT723 available, it's called the GT723R, and it's recently been used in the Dakar Rally. The construction is softer and the tyre has a slightly different tread pattern, well suited to harder dualsport and offroad racing.

Front sizes available:

120/70-19 TLS60H M+S

90/90-21 TLS54H M+S

90/100-21 TT57H (aka: The Fatty)

Rear sizes available:


170/60-17 TLS72H M+S

150/70-18TLS70H M+S


140/80-18 TT71R


  • DOT and F.I.M. approved.

  • Designed for Adventure, Cross Country / Desert, Enduro Rally / Enduro.

  • All-terrain compound.

  • Polygonal knobs placed as an arrow on the sidewall give excellent acceleration and cornering traction

Check out Lyndon Poskitts review of the GT723.

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Phone: 07 3733 1343

Address: 11 Kelly Court, Buderim, Queensland, 4556. Australia


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