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Adventure Rider Down is a community based network supporting riders, on and off the trails.

Connecting Riders, responding to breakdowns, recovering a broken down bike or providing emotional and financial support to families in need.

Subscribe and be added to the closed maps.

A ride can go wrong in an instant, mechanical damage, change in the weather or personal injury.

A simple 'shout out' on our facebook group connects you with riders all over the country ready to lend a hand, from bike recoveries, a place to stay and everything in between.

If you're heading out and have an ICE contact, let them know about the group, your point of contact can then post a 'call out' on the page. Saves them the stress of trying to sort a recovery alone.


Because we're limited to phone signal and some have limited or no internet data, subscribers can access and download a pdf document to their device, direct contact can be made as soon as you're back in range.


If you need help, use the page for a shout out....add as much info as you can about the location and conditions, what type of help you need and if you can add gps coordinates, even better.

Because it's a social support network, most people will respond and help without expecting a payment, and the nature of riders is they'll expect to pay for being helped, just keep any negotiations or re-reimbursements private.

If you're a business that provides support to a rider request, please make it clear before helping - and what you're charging. 

Remember - this is not a substitute for SPOT, PLB, or Sat phones. 

Future updates will be posted in our blog.